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Bronze Medal Hopefuls

Bronze Medal Hopefuls play funky instrumental mini-soundtracks to imaginary movies about cardboard rocketship adventures, puppets that travel to the North Pole, soul-crushing van tours along the East Coast, and small-town, coffee-sipping detectives named Wedemski. This new band is the whimsical, imaginative music of Gio Benedetti (bass), former bassist and founding member of The Brothers Comatose. With the help of band mates Zach Morris (drums), Alex Leach (guitar) and Nathan Dittle (keys), the crew look longingly at that 3rd place pedestal, and set their sights for, maybe, one day (if it’s not raining), third place.

Their debut, self-titled EP is out March 28. It was recorded live to tape at Gremlintone studios by John Courage.

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