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Set – Up/ Take – Down Crew

Job Description for Set - Up/ Take - Down Crew This is a hired position filled by our operations team. They have volunteer status as part of their participation in the festival. Shift times are not reflective of actual work…

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Saturday Evening Clean-Up

Job Description for Saturday Evening Clean-Up Volunteers will pick up after our guests after they leave the area, balance the loads in over flowing trash cans and collect potential lost and found items that have been left behind.

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Job Description for Operations Volunteers who are in Operations do everything...  This is a demanding area that involves a lot of walking and lifting.

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Ice Management

Job Description for Ice Management Volunteers will load and then deliver ice to the various venues around the Festival requiring cold storage.

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Floating Help

Job Description for Floating Help Volunteers will be in a "jack of all trades" position, filling in where needed.

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Signage Installation

Job Description for Signage Installation Team meets at 9:00 AM on Friday morning to install all the logo banners and signs for the Petaluma Music Festival.  Bring your cordless drill motor and screwdriver bits...

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