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Thank you very much for volunteering to help this year, our 17th year.
We are an all volunteer organization.
Over the years our volunteers have been the key to our ability to donate
over $450,000 to the music departments of all Petaluma public schools.

Questions or problems volunteering?


EXTRA CREDIT FOR YOUR SCHOOL – A portion of the money donated to schools is based on the number of volunteers working for that school.  When you fill out your shift request, you will have the opportunity to designate your chosen school.

PARKING for Volunteers  is in the large Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds & Event Center parking lot (175 Fairgrounds Drive) (corner of E. Washington Street). Parking becomes difficult in the designated lot in the afternoon and evening so plan your timing accordingly You reach the Festival entrance and the Volunteer Check-In entrance by walking through the Fairgrounds main entrance and straight down the Concourse.  The Volunteer Check-In entrance will be on your left as you approach the Festival ticket entrance, as in previous years.  Pick up your name badge and wrist band at the Volunteer Check-In entrance at the pop-up or inside the building next to the Volunteer Check-In entrance.

ARRIVE EARLY – Please plan to arrive at Volunteer Check-In at least 20 minutes before your work assignment and arrive at your venue early enough to talk with the venue owner and get training before your shift begins.  If you are working an afternoon shift, feel free to come early and enjoy the Festival until your shift begins. Remember that the weekend freeway traffic into Petaluma gets really backed up so please plan your timing accordingly so you leave yourself enough time to find parking and to walk down the Concourse road to the Volunteer Check-In entrance.

REASSIGNMENT OF VOLUNTEER POSITIONS – While we will endeavor to place volunteers in their venue of choice, the Petaluma Music Festival reserves the right to change the volunteer’s job on the day of because of changing needs of the event.

WATER – Bring a water bottle.  Like most other festivals, we are going green.  We will not be selling bottled water, but water will be available in the volunteer lounge.

ADULT BEVERAGES – Volunteers cannot drink alcohol during their volunteer shift.  If you show up for your shift in an altered state, you will be sent home.

TAKE CARE – Be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast on the day of the Festival and equip yourself with layers to wear, a hat and/or sunscreen as appropriate.

ELITE VOLUNTEERS – Elite Volunteers (those working 2 or more shifts) can pick up their Festival T-shirts inside the Volunteer Lounge.  Lunch will also be provided for you.  Lunch will be available starting around noon at the designated Volunteer lunch area.

THANKS VERY MUCH for volunteering.  This year is going to be another great Festival.  I know you will enjoy it.

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